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Molotow Premium

Montana Colors - Or MTN Paint

MTN paint Montana Colors is an aerosol paint company that manufactures specialty paints for graffiti artists. It should not be confused with Montana Cans, also a paint company for graffiti artists.


A high gloss finish with good coverage per can


In 1993, two writers who were opening a hip-hop store in Barcelona, Spain, contacted a paint company inquiring about prices of their paint. The commercial manager there, Jordi, heard the idea of manufacturing paint for graffiti artists, and was willing to act on it. The manager, however, was unable to convince the company of the idea's profitability. Thus, Jordi and the writers worked together to create an ideal paint for artists. In 1994, an event called "Aerosol Art" became the place in which the first Montana Colors aerosol spray was unveiled to the public. Soon after the "Hardcore" 400mL can was also unveiled, a common product today. Then in 2001, the "Alien" cans debuted. These were smaller, lower pressure cans that came in a wide variety of colors.


All cans are hand-made at the Montana Colors factory. Montana distributes to many countries around the world, despite being a small company of about 50 employees.


  • Nitro
  • Hardcore
  • Alien
  • Pocket Can
  • Gloss
  • Gold
  • Spanish

Monster Monster Colors is a company based in the UK and retails / wholesales worldwide, which manufactures spray paint bought mostly by graffiti artists. The spray cans are the top of the range high quality and have state-of-the-art components which include special non-drip paint mixture and multiple caps. This paint can be used on most surfaces.


The company was founded in 2003. It has now rapidly became the UK's number 1 top selling spray paint in its market, with average annual sales of 950,000 - 1,000,000 cans. The Monster Colors factory is based in Glasgow


Monster has developed a huge colour range in a short period. Excellent paint!


molotow The Molotow Story began in 1996. Molotow became the synonym for brilliant ideas. Molotow Premium revolutionized the spray technology across the world and it is still considered as the reference, worldwide leading spraypaint. The patented Molotow Technology features the unique quality characteristics no dust, anti drip, all season and covers all.


Molotow Distribution is a part of the Feuerstein Group. Founded in 1959 as Feuerstein GmbH, soon the company became very successful in the paint distribution business. In the mid ninties the company began to design its own spraypaint brands.


Widely regarded as the best graffiti paint, Non drip, every colour you could think of, and reliable

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