Montana GOLD Spray Paint 400ml Shock Orange Dark

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Montana GOLD. Paint at the push of a button… This is a new generation of spray paints. Never before have such high-quality colours been available in spray cans, and never before have spray cans been designed so ingeniously. Montana Gold colours:181 matte colours. The colour of the paint is shown on the top of each can so you can always see the colourMontana GOLD provides a wide colour range with a flowing colour system. The perfect colour shades allow great colour gradients.Montana GOLD has many benefits: Fast drying. Drip-free.100% weatherproof. Twice the coverage. Virtually no overspray.Practically odour free. Lead and CFC - free.Variable spray-width:Thanks to a variety of nozzle sizes you can change the width of the spray to achieve different effects for different projects. The 5 different widths of spray caps (available separately) allow you to customize your spray width from very thin to very wide. Along with the cap system there is also a dual-pressure system which combines low and high pressure performance in the same can.The spring in the valve system facilitates fine details in small areas as well as filling larger areas in only a few minutes, depending on how far you push the cap down. All colours are matte except for Copper chrome, Silver chrome, and Gold chrome.Use the clear varnish for protection and a better look.Try Fluorescent colours for neon effects.How to use Montana GOLD: - shake the can for 1-2 minutes- remove the safety ring under the cap- choose the spray cap- test spray away from object - go for it ! The high quality paint of Montana GOLD insures perfect opacity on wood, metal, plastic, concrete, glass and many other surfaces.New GOLD by MONTANA makes painting or redecorating as easy as it is satisfying.