Orange Spray paint LA Orange Monstercolors Classic Range Aerosol

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With monster classic cans you will be getting the number one can for coverage & pigmentation. Due to the superior viscosity (Thickness) of the paint it is not suitable for use with skinny caps at this moment. Our new improved matt finish formula is High covering and Fast drying. Every can of monster classic comes with the new york cap, recommended caps for the classic cans are grade 4 or higher, With the credit crunch on and other company’s pushing their paint prices up through The roof, Monstercolors are proud to say you will be buying the best priced high quality cans available. 400ml (312g NET/11OZ.)


  • Number one can for coverage & pigmentation
  • Superior viscosity - Acrylic base
  • New improved matt finish formula
  • High covering and Fast drying - for use on most surfaces
  • Suitable For Interior & Exterior use - 400ml (312g NET/11OZ.)