Spray Paint - 12 Can Starter Pack

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This is the Fat Buddha 12 can starter pack, ideal for anyone starting out in Crafts or Graffiti art.

Montana Black Spray paint is a universal paint and can be used on many substances, such as wood, metal, cement, etc. (always test on a small area first).
Our customers have used it for Graffiti Workshops, Arts, Customising Paintball Guns, Wicker Chairs, Cornicing on ceilings, Skateboards & BMX’s, Stencils, Costumes for dressing up. The paint is low pressure, thick, matt and covers well.

Every purchase comes with a bags of freebies from Fat Buddha Store. This will be shipped by next day courier, please select expedited for cheaper shipping.


  • 12 Cans of Montana Black Spraypaint (we pick the 6 best colours)
  • 1 Fat Buddha Sketch Book (ideal for getting ideas down)
  • 5 Asstd caps for the spray paint (required for achieving different effects)
  • 10 Graffiti stickers and a pair of disposable gloves
  • Bags of freebies from Fat Buddha Store (Button Badge, 2 Stickers and Flyer).